Hundreds of thousands call for Toyota, GM and Fiat Chrysler to support clean car standards

Moms Clean Air Force
2 min readSep 1, 2020


Dear General Motors, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler:

Mrs. Mary T. Barra, Chairman and CEO, General Motors Company

Mr. James Lentz, CEO, Toyota Motors North American

Mr. Michael Manley, CEO, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V

More than a quarter of a million Americans are asking you to abandon support for the Trump Administration’s rollback of national and state clean car standards, which will cost Americans an additional $300 billion at the pump, increase climate pollution and harm lung health.

As consumer, environmental justice, climate, family and faith groups, our petitions represent a significant public outcry for you to change course to protect the health, safety and pocketbooks of American families.

We need your companies, which represent critical manufacturing jobs and technological leadership for the U.S., to focus on restoring strong national clean cars standards and state authority to limit tailpipe emissions. For decades, these public health and climate protections helped clean up air pollution from coast to coast, while supporting the development of the safest, most efficient vehicles American families have ever known.

Investing in clean car technologies keeps American auto manufacturing competitive in an increasingly electric and fuel-efficient global marketplace. Major investors with almost two trillion dollars in managed assets agree that the rollback is bad for business. We need your leadership on clean cars to protect and grow good manufacturing jobs in a post-pandemic world.

It’s time to make a choice: support clean car standards and state leadership or stay stuck in reverse.




Moms Clean Air Force

We are more than 1 million moms and dads united against air pollution — including the urgent crisis of our changing climate — to protect our children’s health.