• Angie


    I do things and I don’t do things.

  • Mafia Hairdresser

    Mafia Hairdresser

    Jon-David~Hairdresser Salon Owner ~ Author~Social Media Consulting ~ Host of @SalonSpaChat~Speaker~Manuals~Ghost Writer~Trainer

  • Gina Thinks

    Gina Thinks

    Please proceed

  • Christine Arylo

    Christine Arylo

    Best-Selling Author, Feminine Leadership Advisor & Spiritual Catalyst, sharing “sacred wisdom technology” for leading, living and succeeding in new ways

  • Brian cushin

    Brian cushin

    disclaimer* the views expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer

  • Kate Mackenzie

    Kate Mackenzie

    Climate finance & policy person. @FT and @FTalpha alum.

  • Josh Mountain

    Josh Mountain

    I write code for the web with @User10. Working daily with @Laravel and exploring crypto in my free time. #yesphx

  • Cheryl Greene

    Cheryl Greene

    Co-Founder & Executive Producer, http://t.co/tLviHCgnq1. Parent, lover of husband, kids, nature, life & great tomatoes. Co-Founder @WhiteOutNow

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